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Skriven 2013-07-29 10:03:24 av Lennart Sturesson
At the deadline for registration on Sunday evening there were 38 teams with a total of 290 runners registered. That is not enough for an exciting relay of the standard that 43-kavlen is known for. The competition management have therefore decided to cancel the competition. We regret this and wish to thank all the clubs for their efforts to form teams but now cannot come to compete.
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Skriven 2011-08-09 18:39:03 av Lennart Sturesson
There was a trio consisting of IFK Göteborg, Tullinge SK och Delta getting onto the last leg. Tulling SK lost ground early but Delta hang on. But after a few heavy slopes Petri Noponen felt that Tobias Noborn was the stronger that day. Noborn could increase the victory margin to one minute and 18 seconds.
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Skriven 2011-08-09 18:35:42 av Lennart Sturesson
The preparations included many other competitions, from O-ringen to Veteran’s World Championship, but a common tactic for Boxholm-Mjölby OL was to be safe, not take any chances and to use available trails. This team effort finally gave Boxholm-Mjölby OL a three minutes and 57 seconds margin to the second team, Suomusjärven Sisu.
Congratulations to Boxholm-Mjölby OL!
Skriven 2011-08-09 18:34:32 av Lennart Sturesson
After a slow start, Espoon Suunta began to climb towards the top and on the fourth leg was leading with more than nine minutes. The last leg runner Sini Pekkala maintained the leading position and gave Espoon Suunta the victory. Afterwards Sini felt it had been a wonderful day in the forest and the legs still being fresh enough for going dancing that evening.
Congratulations to Espoon Suunta!
Skriven 2011-08-09 18:33:28 av Lennart Sturesson
With a team consisting of Birgitta Johansson, Britt Gunnarsson and Anne-Marie Ericsson, Kristinehamn won the W55(D55) class. With the tactic not to make mistakes Kristinehamn was in lead after the first leg, only one second behind the leading Finspångs SOK after the second but the first to cross the finish line on the final leg.

Congratulations to Kristinehamns OK!

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H43-segrare 2011
Winning team in 43-Kavlen 2011: H43 - IFK Göteborg

D43-segrare 2011
Winning team in 43-Kavlen 2011: H43 - Espoon Suunta

D55-segrare 2011
Winning team in 43-Kavlen 2011: D55 - Kristinehamns OK

H60-segrare 2011
Winning team in 43-Kavlen 2011: H60 - Boxholm-Mjölby OL

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