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Välkommen Martin!

Skriven 2019-03-11 17:43:42 av Hanna Modig Tjärnström
För dom flesta kanske inte ett helt nytt ansikte men kommer från och med nu även gå att skåda i dom fina grön, vit och svarta färgerna kommande tävlingar då han valt att ta klivet över till LOK från sin förra klubb Hellas. Nedan kan du läsa lite kort om Martin!

Hi Martin!
Can you give an short introduction of yourself?
- Hej! My name is Martin Smelik and I am 22 years old. I originally come from Kosice, the 2nd biggest city in Slovakia, but for the bachelor studies I moved to Prague to study mathematics and nowadays I live in Ryd and study master’s program Statistics and Machine learning.

What is your orienteering background?
-I started orienteering just about 9 months before I was born as my both parents are orienteers. I’ve been running for quite many clubs as I was moving quite a lot and also because of the low level of Slovak orienteering, which made me run also for foreign clubs. Except of ATU Kosice, my home club, I was also running for Hungarian orienteering club from Miskolc, and Czech club Magnus orienteering in my youth age. At that age I trained quite a lot and also took part at some international competitions like EYOC with 5th place at long distance or JWOC with 12th place at middle. At the same time I started to run for Hellas, Stockholm’s club. Since then I’ve been doing orienteering mostly for fun and because I wanted to compete with the same friends that I train with, I changed the clubs in both Czech (to Prague’s OK Kamenice) and here in Sweden to LOK.

What is your expectations on the change to LOK?
-Have fun mostly, have friends to train with, and also very much looking forward to all the relays.

What is your best orienteering memory?
-All those chilly summer competitions!

Some short questions:
Relay or individual races
Pizza or Tacos
Jukola or 10Mila- Have never been to Jukola but it seems like definitely worth trying
Green area or cutting area
Favorite controllpoint? Reentrant (Sänka)

With this all I can say is very welcome to the club Martin!

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